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Day 21 - What next?

What is this madness – surely the course was for just 20 days?

Yes, but hopefully you’ll go on learning, so here’s a few suggestions for directions that you might take

Play with your server

You’re familiar with the server you used during the course, so keep working with it. Maybe uninstall Apache2 and install NGINX, a competing webserver. Keep a running stat on ssh “attackers”. Whatever. A free AWS will last a year, and a $5/mo server should be something you can easily justify.

Add services that you’ll use

You should now be capable of following tutorials on installing and running your own instance of Minecraft, Wordpress, WireGuard VPN, or Mediawiki. Expect to have some problems – it’s all good experience!

Extend your learning

Stop browsing articles on Gnome, KDE or i3 – and start checking out any articles like “20 Linux commands every sysadmin should know”. Try these out, delve into the options. Like learning a foreign vocabulary, you will only be able to use these “words” if you know them!


If you’re looking to do Linux professionally, and you don’t have an impressive CV or resume already, then you should be aiming at getting a cert. There are really just three certs/tracks that count:

Even if you don’t want/need certs, the outline of the topics in these references can give you a good idea of areas to focus on in your self-learning.

Affordable professional training

Show your appreciation!

Steve (@snori74) was a collector of postcards and enjoyed greatly all the “Snail Mail” he received from the students.

But since his passing there’s nowhere to send postcards anymore. You can show your appeciation for the course by letting everyone else know how awesome it was! Show the world you finished the challenge by posting on twitter and on other social media.

Thanks for all and happy linuxing!